Dangers of Sleeping With the Light On

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Sleep is a regular activity performed by any people in various ages . There are so many benefits that we can get out of bed , especially at night time . Some of the benefits of sleep a night is the physical and mind can rest after a day of activities that are relatively dense . There are some people who like to sleep the night with the lights on . But there is also a night’s sleep without the light from the lamp . Then , is there any danger of a night’s sleep with the lights on for the health of the body … ? ? ?

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Worst Impact Exercise When Lazy Morning

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Sport is one physical activity that is very healthy person’s body . Various movements in sports that do very beneficial for all the joints and muscles of the body that we have. There are so many types of sports that we can practice such as walking, running , gymnastics , cycling and so forth . Associated with the time of exercise , the morning before activity or work is an excellent time to do the exercise . But laziness is often mengiringnya . So , what are the worst effects of the current lazy morning exercise for the body ‘s health …. ? ? ?

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Primed for Your Life

(1) The scenery. If you love to run then what better than getting to see the beautiful sights that rural Philippines has to offer? It is fun running through local villages and talk to the friendly locals, if only politely to ask for directions;

Trail running 1

(2) The fresh air. Well, if you have ever run along Edsa then you know what I mean. Besides the great scenery you get to breathe fresh, clean air;

Trail beauty1

(3) It’s exciting. It can break up the monotony of pounding the pavement every day. What could be better than dodging cows, goats, caribou, horses and chickens? You have to run through creeks and rivers that fill your shoes with sand and make your shoes heavy. It is refreshing and exhilarating to run through the cold, crisp waters;

Trail beauty6

(4) Downhill’s equal strength. The benefit of running up hills is legendary. Everyone knows that you get stronger legs…

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2 workouts for men who want to look amazing this summer

Cajón de Sastre Blog

I just realised that this blog may be a bit “girly”, so I decided to give some advice to those men who love exercising and be on shape too. Because boys, I will tell you a secret… Women like men who look after themselves. So, stop being lazy and start working out! Here you go some workouts for men who want to look amazing this summer that I wrote for JLL Fitness.

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7 minute workout tried and tested


So yesterday I posted about how some science nerds have said that the 7 minute workout, below, is just as effective as a weights session or a long run. Well, I gave it a go today and have to say that I really wasn’t impressed and after I had finished I felt like I hadn’t worked out properly.

Now I did exert myself fully doing the 7 minute workout and even tried it twice with a 20 minute cardio warm up but was just left feeling unsatisfied. Sure I did break out in a  sweat but it just wasn’t testing enough for me. I think it largely depends on your level of fitness also. Now I like to think my fitness level is medium-high so for me this workout didn’t push me enough. I would much prefer a weights session and a longer time spent at the gym. I’m sorry…

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More than just child’s play: Can exer-gaming improve the health and well being of older adults living at home?

British Geriatrics Society

Kimberly Miller is a Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Fellow and Research Coordinator (FAST study) at the University of British Columbia, Canada.shutterstock_120981763

The World Health Organisation recommends regular physical activity for older individuals as an important preventative measure against disease and disability. While we all recognize that regular physical activity is important, it can be difficult for many people to achieve.  Against this background, there has been increasing interest in the potential for using popular, commercially available gaming systems, such as the NintendoTM Wii, as a means of exercising in the comfort and convenience ones’ own home.

In our article in Age and Ageing we review the evidence for virtual reality and gaming system use by older adults to exercise in their homes.

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Gaining Habits, Enjoying Work

One Small Change at a Time

The goal to improving your life can’t be to lose weight or waist inches. The goal is not to eat less, exercise more, or to break habits. All of these things will be markers that you are reaching your real goal, which is to develop great new habits. Focusing on losing is short term. In football the goal is not to get first downs, it is to win the game. Unlike in a sport though, in life there is no clock to run down, no last strike to pitch. Our game doesn’t end. The things that we do for ourselves, as objectives to our goals should not be allowed to be work or punishments. Creating good new habits, that contribute to better outcomes, or better uses of our time must be it’s own reward, not something we endure until the final weigh-in day, when we declare that we won or…

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7 minute workout same as a weights session or a run?


So some science nerds somewhere have said that doing the below 7 minute workout is the same as a weights session or going for a long run. All you need is a chair, a wall and 7 minutes of your time!

But don’t think it’s going to be easy. You need to be in pain to reap any rewards from this short workout program with just 10 seconds break between each exercise.

Now I’m not entirely convinced but wiling to give it a go. I personally prefer to spend time at the gym. Will try this workout routine at home and let you know how I get on. Give it a go but remember if you’re not in pain then it’s not working!!!


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