Reasons Behind the Popularity of Protein Powders

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Sometimes the amount of protein included in our regular diet is not sufficient to fulfill our physical needs. In that case the protein supplements are required to meet the purpose. Protein powders are available in different flavors in the market.

Mainly two types of protein are used in these protein powders-animal source and vegetable source protein. Egg’s white, goat’s milk, whey, and milk falls under the animal source protein, on the other hand rice, soy, pea, etc are fall under the category of vegetable source protein. Animal proteins are far better in taste and are highly nutritious comparing to the vegetable source. But vegetable source proteins are preferable for the people who lead a vegetarian lifestyle. The soy protein from the vegetable source is considered very healthy for your heart and also effective to cure hormonal imbalances.

These protein supplements in Ireland are becoming very popular due to various reasons, which are…

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Do you need different shoes for training?

woman running on a treadmill workout

Sometimes we forget about the kind of trainers we should wear when we exercise, and that is a very important matter. Frequently, we are guided for big brands and their own products which are great, but they are not always suitable for the sport we practise, or the type of feet we have. The wrong pair of shoes can injure your feet. This post may help you to decide what trainers are more suitable for you depending on the exercise you do. However, do not forget to pop in one of the footwear specialized stores where their trained staff can help you identify the right shoe for you.For jogging or runningFor those who prefer running, they should use a specialized shoe designed to protect your joints while you run. So good shock absorption is what you need to look at. On the market you can find two different types of outsole that provides traction and flexibility.Carbon rubber: most running shoe outsoles are made of this compound which last longer. It is heavy and rigid, but offers more stability to the foot.Blown rubber: running shoes made with this compound are lighter, softer and more flexible. It provides a better protection to your joints thanks to its air-injected rubber. Blown rubber shoes are popular for aerobics.

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5 best iPhone and Android bike apps for free | JLL Fitness

1. MapMyRide

Map My Ride

With MapMyRide you can easily track your bike route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more! Pick one of millions bike routes provided or create a route of your own. The site also provides nutrition, food, diet and weight tracking, plus the ability to share your routes with friends. The app has 4.4 stars on the customer reviews.

To see the rest of the apps visit 5 best iPhone and Android bike apps for free | JLL Fitness.

The JLL S300

The JLL S300 Treadmill: 

So what are the specs and whats so great about this treadmill….Well first of all there is the price £429.00 and a great one at that for top of the line home incline treadmill. Alot of people think you have to spend alot when it comes to getting a great treadmill but with JLL you dont. They are the only uk manufacturer to offer Digital Controlled Technology on there treadmills instead of Analog. This allows the treadmill to have a even smoother start and make the whole interaction with controls easier and flowing.


The Spec: 

Digital Controller Technology

As i mentioned earlier the JLL S300 folding treadmill offers Digital Controlled Technology this makes the treadmill suitable for all age groups thanks to the Digital Controller technology which makes the change of speed smoother and starts at 0.3km/ph

DC Motor Continuous Power 2.5 HP (1800W)

This digital controlled motor offers a smooth yet effective start. Plus JLL offers 5 years motor warranty. so if you do have any problems then you are fully covered.

0.3 – 16 km/h (= 0.18 – 10 mph) speed

It has the lowest start speed in the UK market and you can go up to a top speed of 16km/h (which i cant even hit when sprinting at the gym and I’m a fit lad (Not to brag)

20 Level Incline (= 12% Incline)

djust your elevation with the incline buttons on the handrails,Using Incline when training helps you burn calories faster and improves muscle development

122 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) / 48″ x 16″ Running Area

The running size offers an amazing running area for people who want to use a treadmill at home but have enough space to breath at the same time. You will not feel cramped with this treadmill

Weight capacity

The S300 offers a maximum user weight of 150kg

15 Running Programmes

If you think that’s great then wait till you find out that 3 of the programs you can program yourself to your own personal level. this includes the incline setting as-well.

Cushioning system

This system ruduces the impact to your joints so you don’t have to worry about getting any injury’s

Sensor built into the handrail

Just like gym treadmills on the side it has your speed and incline buttons to adjust with a heart rate sensor.


So like to listen to music when running? The S300 comes with high powered speakers so you can listen and conrol your music though the USB port, and even better you can connect your ipod or iphone through the AUX port.


The Guarantee they offer is astonishing.

Treadmill Frame: lifetime
Motor: 5 years
Parts and Labour: 2 years

You would be silly not to take advantage of this.


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