Tips to know what treadmill is best for you

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Yesterday,  a friend of mine asked me for advice on treadmills. He wanted to know what are the specifications he should look at for getting a proper running machine for home use. I did some search through different websites and brands, and I got quite confused with all that information. If that happened to you as well, and you are looking for a treadmill too, these tips may help you to decide what treadmill is more suitable for you.

First of all, you should know that on the market there are two types of treadmill’s controller:

  • Analogue control treadmill generally uses sensor technology. A sensor can over time be interfered with overheating, dust… Treadmills with this control system change the speed faster than the digital control ones.
  • Digital control treadmill is constant and cannot be affected with external impacts, making it much better, safer and last longer. The speed changes smoothly. JLL’s treadmills…

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